Searching for the right balance
between your responsibilities & your health?

Harmonizing Peace + Success in Health & Wellness for Hard-working Daydreamers.

You’d like to not only DO your best, but also FEEL your best in every aspect of your life at the same time too (without at he all-or-nothing rollercoaster of diet/fitness culture).

If you’re a Hard-working Daydreamer wanting to knock out your never-ending to-do list while having mental clarity, feeling physically recharged and emotionally grounded, you’re in the right place. 

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Hard-working Daydreamers like you are BUSY making dreams come true! And your health is usually the last thing on the list of priorities. 

When you DO start putting effort into your health regimen, it can be a challenge to navigate while juggling all of the things you have going on.


Which leaves you feeling…

Here at Kynd Health you’ll learn more on how to harmonize peace + success within your health goals, while still taking care of your responsibilities in work AND at home.

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Harmony within your Life + Health starts here!

Here is what clients are saying about working with Kylah Ren at Kynd Health + Wellness

“The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my ability to have power over my anxiety. Talking with Kylah each week made it easier for me to start voicing my feelings with my husband, children, and other people in my family. This was a huge tool that I learned how to use and it has made all the difference.”
“I would describe Kylah as a wonderful mentor who is thoughtful, respectful, and knowledgeable. She is compassionate, understanding, and truly listens to the words that you speak and uses them to help foster new ideas.”
“I would recommend Kylah to anyone who is dealing with anxiety whether it be with cooking, planning, exercising, career changes or juggling day to day life as a mother and wife with young children.”
“This has been an awakening to my overall health. I’m sleeping better, my mood is better, I’m less fatigued, and have less ups and downs. I feel more steady.”

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