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Transition Is Scary

Some thoughts and words I’m reflecting on from a couple of months ago. I share this for anyone this might resonate with, in hopes of inspiring you to go after what you want and reminding you that you’re not alone.

“Why is standing in my power and shining bright so darn scary?

Allowing myself to be seen, CHOOSING to stand in the spotlight as me, my WHOLE self (not just one facet or one dimension of me)- is incredibly scary.

But in a juicy, exciting kind of way.

In the kind of way that my intuition tells me is going to be important for my growth.
It’s going to help me in my expansion and to bring in MORE that I truly desire and that is meant for me.

I feel something on the move, something ready to take shape and form.

I just need to make space for it.
And that too, can be scary.

Changing things up, letting go of something in order to make way for new things, the transition into the unknown is scary.

But the uncomfortable, expanding and stretching situations lead us to what we authentically want on the other side. And it is oh- so WORTH it.”

Here’s to taking aligned action towards what lights us up, and having the courage to go for it. <3