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Swap it Out: Gluten Free & Dairy Swaps that can still have you recipes tasting delicious!

Going Gluten-Free was kind of seen as a “fad” diet just a few years ago, before the sensitivity to the protein and allergy was more widely known.
Nowadays, people are more aware of the health complications, or may know of someone who has it and now knows why.

People would order the options at restaurants I worked at but wouldn’t mind the cross contamination on the fries.
(I used to think these people were phonies- if they had a REAL gluten allergy, which is actually Celiac Disease, they wouldn’t be able to eat the fries. However, you can still have an intolerance or sensitivity and still have the delicious cross-contaminated fries without too much discomfort- I’ve come to realize this myself as in later years I found out I was gluten intolerant. What a full-circle moment lol)

Gluten Free options used to taste like cardboard, but NOW food companies are getting better at using tasty alternatives.

**PSA: Gluten free doesn’t mean “Healthy” for everyone. It just means that people who have an intolerance, sensitivity or allergy to gluten, can now still enjoy foods they’ve ALWAYS loved (like pizza, pancakes, sandwiches and burgers just to name a few) WITHOUT pain, discomfort and increasing their chance of developing a disease. 

*Disclaimer: Celiac Disease when untreated can cause:
Malnutrition, Bone weakening, Infertility and miscarriage, Lactose intolerance. Cancer, Nervous system problems.



On to the real reason you’re here. Some tasty gluten free swaps for cooking and baking that I have used for years now:

1. Amaranth flour

  1. Oat Flour
    3. Almond Flour (not that great for making things fluff up, I don’t highly recommend)
    4. Coconut flour (Same as above)
  2. Almond Milk (think of the bees though, this is in high demand and causes strain on the bees) 
  3. Oat Milk (a bit more frothy than Almond milk, has a fuller body closer to dairy milk)
    7.Coconut Milk (perfect for iced coffee, smoothies or other iced beverages)

8. Gluten Free Bread for Sandwiches (my Top favs are Udis, and Canyon Bakehouse)
9. Sourdough is okay for people with sensitivities because of the chemical breakdown that happens with the bread. There is a bacteria that eats the gluten protein so you’re all good to go my fellow sensitive folks.

Hope you enjoy them and let me know what was your favorite by leaving a comment!


Kylah Ren