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Rest and Receive

I’m learning that resting and receiving is important and needed. I’m so used to going, going, going 100 miles an hour without breaks.
It’s not supposed to be that way.
Rest is important.
Rest is needed.

Receiving is important, without taking intentional time to receive, how would I be able to have the help and things I need right now?
It just wouldn’t be possible.

We don’t need to keep glamorizing the hustle and the grind when we don’t take time to relax and receive.

This last weekend I went to Galveston for a little getaway trip and it was so nice to relax. I was on the beach when my spirit guides came to visit me. Well they’re always with me but they were making themselves more present in order for me to feel their presence and it was so lovely to feel so supported. <3

I know that I need to make more time for my spiritual health and strengthening that will only lead to the things that are meant for me, my path, my peace, my love and joy.

I don’t need to go out there looking for it. It’s already within me and in order for me to have more access to it on a regular daily basis is for me to carve out time to tap into it. <3 

It’s like spiritual hygiene, we take showers and brush our teeth, it’s the same thing!

I’m looking forward to getting back into my daily ritual practices consistently again. This includes breath work , meditation, yoga, and journaling. <3 I’m excited to see how this will impact and ground me.
I’ll keep y’all updated.


Kylah Ren